What is SEA-DISC?

SEA-DISC: Studies of the Environment Academy - Drake Integrated Studies Curricula 

SEA-DISC curriculum is: 
     • College-prep
     • Activity-based 
     • Issues/Solution-oriented
     • Community involvement driven

     • Real world relevant

     • Rigorous

     • Authentic Work

With an Environmental Science and Social Justice focus, SEA-DISC

involves its students in meaningful projects that develop many critical

skills through extensive field work and hands-on laboratory experiences. Students will grapple with the world's most complex and perplexing environmental and social issues and tasked with finding answers to these challenging questions.  By the end of a students time in SEA-DISC students will be able to eloquently and effectively discuss these issues, coming to informed decision of their own. Accordingly, SEA-DISC aims to prepare students for informed, effective citizenship through stimulating and engaging projects with mentors, discussion, and debate on critical environmental problems, and a variety of student "decision-making" activities, preparing students for the world outside of high school.

SEA-DISC Alumni Ila Moncrief Speaking in front of Marin County supervisors 

Student Outcomes


SEA-DISC graduates leave with a variety of skills which can apply to higher education and the real world including:

  • Use technology to access information, analyze and solve problems, and communicate ideas across all disciplines.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the environmental rights and responsibilities of the individual in a democratic society.

  • Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to analyze and solve environmental problems.

  • Demonstrate environmental scientific literacy.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the global environment and its resources.

  • Apply the principles of economics to environmental issues.

  • Analyze and propose solutions to contemporary issues using a variety of perspectives.

Senior Fiona Corr collecting data on plant species around our local Sleepy Hollow Creek

  • Participate in a community, social, civic or cultural service.

  • Address the changing social climate of our Biosphere.

  • Use current scientific technology to produce real data and enter it in a long term database.

  • Create meaningful student/adult working relationships.

SEA-DISC Students taking part in a local creek restoration project



SEA-DISC is taught by our two wonderful teachers:

Mr. Rawlins

Ms. Fox

Michael Rawlins teaches U.S. History, Government, Economics, and Work Place Learning. Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, he moved to California to study Anthropology and Forestry at UC Berkeley. His teaching career grew out of a desire to prepare our future leaders to connect with and improve the biosphere we call home for generations to come. Michael returned to the Pacific Northwest for a graduate program in teaching outdoor education on Bainbridge Island and studying curriculum/instruction at the University of Washington.

Having made his way back to California, Michael is grateful and excited for the opportunity to learn alongside SEA-DISC students in this beautiful and vibrant community.

Sue Fox teaches environmental science to the juniors and AP environmental science to the seniors. As one of the original founders of the SEA-DISC academy, Fox has a huge passion for the environment and she passes this along to her students. Living on a sailboat, Fox has sailed to Mexico, Hawaii, and the Northern Pacific. She has one son.
"I chose to be a SEA-DISC teacher because I wanted to help make a difference in the world environmentally. I felt I'd have the chance to make the most impact through education. In any program in which teachers share students, teachers can bond more with the students, having a greater impact. The students also bond more, helping each other to succeed. SEA-DISC students can see the reality of the information they learn about in class and from books by going out into the field to do their studies. In regular classes, they don't see the connection as easily. Also, SEA-DISC students develop skills that will benefit them in college and their career by working in the field."



                                                             SEA-DISC has received several awards, including:

  • Successful efforts in improving energy conservation throughout Drake High school as well as the student's home lives.

  • SEA-DISC was featured in "News and Review" magazine for its environmental practices.

  • SEA-DISC teacher Sue Fox was awarded the best environmental educator/activism at Sir Francis Drake High School at the Youth Climate Change Summit

  • SEA-DISC received the Golden Bell Reward.

  • Julia Butterfly Hill gave a speech at graduation which was organized through an Internship with her non-profit.

  • SEA-DISC has been given a number of grants from the MCSTOPPP organization.

  • SEA-DISC was given a grant from the Minneapolis foundation.

  • SEA-DISC has achieved a Green Business certification program at Drake.

    SEA-DISC through the green school program, "greened" Sir Francis Drake High school to be the first Bay Area green school. And then went on to help surrounding schools achieve this quality.

  • SEA-DISC was featured in Earthscope Magazine for being an academy that, "has environmentally based curriculum, thinks globally, and acts locally."

SEA-DISC (Studies of the Environment Academy Drake Integrated Studies Curricula) 

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