Sustainable Agriculture Debate

Which farming method can most sustainably feed 9 billion people?













Conventional, Transgenic, Organic, which is better? The agriculture debate is a SEA-DISC favorite among many which explores the complexity of the pros and cons of different agricultural methods. The project begins with students researching various agricultural practices and their role on a global scale. The three main practices studied are conventional, organic and transgenic (GMOs).
















Once students become more aware of these issues through in-depth research, they are assigned to one of three agricultural methods to promote and defend. SEA-DISC students will then debate over which one best feed the world. Over the course of the project, students develop skills in researching and working as a group to produce a well rounded and supportable argument.
Along with the the public debate, SEA-DISC students also test out organic agricultural methods through producing an organic garden within the school garden Once harvested, the food that we produce will be given to MLK School to education the youth of our community on the merits of growing and consuming food locally.

Watch the 2018 Agriculture Debates!

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