Student Outcomes:

SEA-DISC graduates leave with a variety of skills which can apply to higher education and the real world including:


  • Use technology to access information, analyze and solve problems, and                                                communicate ideas across all disciplines.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the environmental rights and responsibilities of the                                          individual in a democratic society.

  • Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to analyze and solve environmental                                         problems.

  • Demonstrate environmental scientific literacy.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the global environment and its resources.

  • Apply the principles of economics to environmental issues.

  • Analyze and propose solutions to contemporary issues using a variety of                                                perspectives.

Senior Shannon Collecting Data at a Local Creek

  • Participate in a community, social, civic or cultural service.

  • Address the changing social climate of our Biosphere.

  • Use current scientific technology to produce real data and enter it in a long term database.

  • Create meaningful student/adult working relationships.

SEA-DISC Students protesting at the Hub

SEA-DISC (Studies of the Environment Academy Drake Integrated Studies Curricula) 

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