Work Place Learning/Internship

Second year students take part in Workplace Learning and Internship, a two semester class in which In correlation to the program the internship maintains an environmental focus. This experience is not only beneficial now but imperative to those pursuing an environmental career. Students work closely with a mentor to learn speaking, writing, computer and interviewing skills. We are exposed to science careers and acquire hands-on experience in the working field. During 7th period on the block days (hour and a half periods), students leave to attend their internship. On Mondays (45 min periods), students stay in class. On these days, Workplace Learning occurs. In Workplace Learning SEA-DISC projects are planned and organized, including field studies and making web pages, brochures and videos. Second year students learn managerial skills by working as project managers for the first year students. Second year students already have experience with the first year projects and now have the skills to lead the group of first year students.

Here are examples of senior portfolios that second year SEA-DISC students create based on all of the skills they learn through their internship/workplace learning:

SEA-DISC (Studies of the Environment Academy Drake Integrated Studies Curricula) 

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