Important Links

Adopt a Polar Bear:

The World Wild Life Organization provides opportunities for people to 'adopt a polar bear', where you provide a donation in the name of saving polar bears and their habitats. Adopt a Polar Bear now!


Adopt Sea Turtles:

SEA-DISC students decided to pool together money in order to adopt three baby sea-turtles from the Sea Turtle Restoration Project. It is a great way to make a difference. If you'd like to adopt a nest of turtles go to:



Save energy on your computer by switching to Blackle for your basic text searches. By using Blackle instead of Google, you can minimize the energy your computer uses to produce color effects:


Friends of the Corte Madera Creek Watershed:

A local organization working to preserve and restore the conditions of our local watershed:


Janitorial Cleaning Services:

Make your own eco-friendly cleaning supplies:


Marin Clean Energy:

Make your house a green energy home!


National Geographic's Green Guide:

National Geographic provides information on greening your life at home!


Save the Rainforest!:

Donate to the World Land Trust in order to save acres of the rainforest:


Teens Go Green:

An environmental network for teens, teachers, and youth leaders:



Wildcare provides emergency wild animal care, wildlife education, and volunteer opportunities for the Marin Area!

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