SEA-DISC has received several awards, including:

  • Successful efforts in improving energy conservation throughout Drake High school as well as the student's home lives.

  • SEA-DISC was featured in "News and Review" magazine for its environmental practices.

  • SEA-DISC teacher Sue Fox was awarded the best environmental educator/activism at Sir Francis Drake High School at the Youth Climate Change Summit

  • SEA-DISC received the Golden Bell Reward.

  • Julia Butterfly Hill gave a speech at graduation which was organized through an Internship with her non-profit.

  • SEA-DISC has been given a number of grants from the MCSTOPPP organization.

  • SEA-DISC was given a grant from the Minneapolis foundation.

  • SEA-DISC has achieved a Green Business certification program at Drake.

    SEA-DISC through the green school program, "greened" Sir Francis Drake High school to be the first Bay Area green school. And then went on to help surrounding schools achieve this quality.

  • SEA-DISC was featured in Earthscope Magazine for being an academy that, "has environmentally based curriculum, thinks globally, and acts locally."

SEA-DISC (Studies of the Environment Academy Drake Integrated Studies Curricula) 

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