AP Environmental Science/Environmental Science/Chemistry

AP/Environmental Science:

The SEA-DISC academy is based on the environmental issues that we learn in our two years of Environmental Science classes. By the end of the second year, students are well prepared for the AP Environmental Science Test. Because of the year A / year B schedule, first year and second year students are blended into classes together, and learn about environmental science as a whole group (though only seniors get the AP credit). Over this period of time, we become experts in a wide variety of environmental problems that pose a devastating impact on our future. Once we research specific areas of study, we compile our knowledge into a project/presentation that is open to the public. Our goal is to educate the local community to make a difference on their perspective of the earth. We hope to spread our knowledge and views to the people that can make a difference, like you! We start off small by discovering practical solutions that will slightly change our every day life and then move on to more global solutions.


The chemistry class gears away from the delivery of the traditional program by relating everything that we study to what we are accomplishing in the field. The labs revolve around soil and water analysis that we utilize as information to discover the health of the habitat. The chemistry science helps us to make inferences and conclusions about the inter-relationships among organisms and their habitat in our area of study. We study the negative impact of such detrimental environmental issues like toxic and radioactive wastes, acid rain, air and water pollution and preserving natural resources. The purpose of this course is to enable students to gain some understanding of the facts and principles of chemistry. This course strengthens the student's ability to think mathematically. Around 40% of class time is spent in the laboratory and another 30% is spent doing SEA-DISC projects including field studies. The environmental emphasis drives the students to be passionate and curious about what they are studying. We are exposed to real life situations that help us to see chemistry's relationship to the earth, which makes the complex concepts of chemistry more easily understood.

Starting in 2020, Chemistry will be NGSS aligned.

SEA-DISC (Studies of the Environment Academy Drake Integrated Studies Curricula) 

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